Set Realistic Expectations, Pay Attention to Dates!

We have been receiving feedback about the fast pace from many industry professionals in our market, and send a special thanks to platinum sponsor Jamie Pollard for sharing some timing feedback as well.  He reports that some appraisers are backed up 30+ days.  The home inspectors are also busier than ever and it’s not uncommon that they’re scheduling 2-3 weeks out.  Just a friendly reminder to pay attention to dates based on what the inspectors and banks state for what is a reasonable time period. It is especially important that Buyer Agents educate buyer clients that dates can and may change depending on how long inspectors and appraisers are taking.  All should be paying special attention to commitment dates and you’re encouraged to reach out an ask when appraisals are scheduled and due, so if an extension is needed, it can be addressed early in the process and avoid the risk of going out of contingency.

Jamie reported, “I have appraisers accepting orders to deliver two weeks after the closing date, never mind the commitment dates.”  Wow.  Whenever possible, your client’s best chance to get to the finish line requires flexibility and attention to detail.  Please do your part in managing client expectations in this unique environment – it will make the difference in your client’s experience. “Everyone is neck deep in this, being proactive in communication will be imperative as we finish up a manic year.”