Self-Care So Important Right Now

We know you are probably very busy right now between a frenetic market and feeling overwhelmed with the new COVID rules and restrictions.  We understand, and can hear the stress and exhaustion when talking to many of you.  Here are some tips to help you keep running and smiling and serving your clients well.

Fuel up

Yes, your car, but also yourself.  You can’t live on coffee and wine alone, haha.  Plan ahead to make sure you have water with you – it’s important!  Keeping well hydrated means more energy, less brain fog and a boosted immune system (and better skin!).  While you’re at it, make sure you have some good food options – whether you grab take-out from your favorite place or pack snacks, you shouldn’t be waiting until night to replenish!

Use your Car time as ME time.

We know many hours of your day are (over) booked but use your car time to listen to uplifting podcasts, awesome music and make a plan to try to use those few minutes alone to recharge… and stay off your phone!  At first it will require discipline, but soon you will look forward to your time to focus on uplifting yourself and having a mini “me” break.

Protect Your Quiet and Family Time

You must recharge yourself everyday, not just your phone and laptop.  Your family needs you too.  Fight to maintain your quiet time and your family time like a bear protects her cubs. It’s vital to your health and your happiness. No one wants to be a top producer with an alienated family and friends who expect you to be late or inattentive when you do show up.  You really have to set boundaries so that you are able to breathe in some nature in the beautiful Berkshires, spend time laughing or talking with friends and family, enjoying your pet or grandkids or hobbies.  These are still important even though your job just got so much more hectic.

Small Acts of Kindness

Kindness starts with yourself.  Consider starting with scheduling (just like an appointment) 10 to 15 minutes a day for a small act of personal enjoyment, like doing a face mask, reading a good book, sipping a drink on your patio, taking a walk, playing candy crush – anything that allows you a mental, fun break. Once you get used to setting aside small amounts of time to do what makes you happy, you will find little moments to add joy to every day.

Give back to others

Want a mental boost for your entire day? Give someone a friendly smile or … now say friendly hello! for when your smile is hidden behind a mask. Watch a person’s eyes light up when you say hello and wish them a good day.  When you wish someone a nice a day, you get one in return. It’s also easy to say thank you and really mean it, to the clerks and waitstaff and workers you meet everyday!  Everyone you meet is finding this transition difficult in different ways. Lift when you can.

Sleep well.

Try to unplug at the end of the day, and let your mind relax as much as your body. It was a long day, Try to fall asleep thinking or use a fall asleep fast mediation that will soothe you and occupy your mind. It’s worth it. Turn off your phoneeeee.