Exclusive Right to Sell – Submission Policy

We have been fielding questions about the submission policy as it relates to the updated Exclusive Right to Sell Contract.  The policy states that all properties will be entered into the MLS within two business days of sellers’ signature and that a copy of the corresponding ERTS will be submitted to the MLS office for verification of the accuracy of data entered into the database, also within the same two business day time frame.

As a caveat to this policy, if a seller has signed a contract but does not want it to be disseminated to the other members of the MLS, or wants the dissemination to be delayed; the seller can sign a Refusal to List Property in MLS form.  Both the refusal paperwork and a copy of the contract must be submitted to the MLS office within two business days of sellers’ signature.

The updated Exclusive Right to Sell Contract provides for a finite begin and end date in the second paragraph.  This change does not negate your requirement to enter the information and submit the paperwork to the MLS within two business days of sellers’ signature because further in the contract under Broker’s Duties you are still bound to submit the listing to the MLS within this time frame.

The MLS will not display your listing prior to the begin date nor will it send your listing data out in the syndication feeds.  Therefore; the property will not be marketed on any websites, IDX feeds or in the MLS before the contract terms begin.

Please keep in mind…your procedure has not changed.  The mantra “two business days” still holds true – two business days from sellers’ signature!

As a reminder, the updated versions of our forms are the ones that are now endorsed by the MLS.  Previous versions of any forms will no longer be accepted.  If you have an outdated version saved on your computer, please replace it with the newer versions.  All updated versions are available in the MLS.  The MLS staff will no longer accept outdated versions or discontinued forms for submission into the MLS.

Any questions; please email the Board Office staff for assistance.  Thank you!