Residential Rentals in the MLS

The MLS Board of Directors created a Residential Rental Taskforce, co-chaired by Michael Hernandez, 360Berkshire Realty and Jason Nocher, Nocher Realty.  They, along with their committee members: Corey Bishop, Paula McLean, Susan Calkins, Claudia Crane, Molly Gillon and Shanna Powell, made a recommendation to the MLS Board to approve a long-term rental property type.  This property type is for rentals of 31-days or more and is not required entry into the MLS.  It will be an optional entry, like commercial and business opportunity are now.  The directors unanimously approved entry of long-term rentals into the MLS and the taskforce continuing its work toward creating the data entry fields.

We’re excited to offer the MLS marketing vehicle for your long-term rentals but there remains work to be done.  If you are interested in serving on the taskforce and the next steps of considering the data input fields, please contact Sandy so we can include you in meeting schedules.