sale price wit concessions

Reporting a Sale with Concessions in the MLS

Just a friendly reminder: The concessions field assists appraisers when they’re investigating transaction details and REALTORS when doing CMA’s .Here is a simple reminder so that all sales are recorded and noted in the same way so they can be compared the same as well:

  • Sale price = Deed transfer price as recorded by the Registry
  • Concessions = Anything that impacts the Sale Price as Recorded in the Registry

Example:  Purchase and Sale agreement was fully negotiated with an offer price of $200,000.  After inspection, there was cash back to the buyer to repair a foundation in the amount of $10,000.  The full $200,000 should be entered into the Sold Price and $10,000 plus the remark recorded in the Concession field, as follows:

Consistency is key to good, solid, reliable data in the MLS.  Please, if you have any questions about this procedure, give staff a shout.