Report Violation on a Listing – The detials

When a member sees an error in an MLS listing, it is very simple to click “report violation” in both the listing dropdown (by the MLS #) and on the menu bar. You will also see who receives those messages … so please be kind in your report.  Sharing a correction is SUPER helpful, but being snarky is not. Also, please know that the MLS staff sees who is issuing the report and follows up directly with to both parties to ensure that the mistake is corrected OR to let the reporter know that they were wrong – and that does happen. Just two happened this week when someone reported a violation that was in fact, allowed in the policy.  (usually though, they are pretty on target and only serve to improve the MLS and your listing display and liabilitytoo!
We are always asked to tell who made the report, but the staff will not divulge that – and never has since we have been FlexMLS clients a very long time.  To reinforce this rule, in November of 2020, NAR mandated that MLS’s must add rules and regulations that makes it a formal MLS requirement to submit accurate listing data and correct known errors and that we must allow for complaints without revealing the complainant’s name.  So that’s why we are mum about error reports!