Rentals in the MLS – A Few Updates

We would like to share that residential rentals over 31 days in the MLS now have a [PRIVATE] document for your Exclusive Right to Rent/Lease agreement and a drop down for those who wish to add a lead paint form – you can add any other documents you chose to add and can name them on your own.

We have been asked about short-term rentals… at this time, we are not able to accommodate short-term rentals in the system.  To keep the database accurate and up-to-date, we would need to integrate a detailed calendar system and found that the existing platforms for short-term rentals satisfy a broker and consumer demand.  This new MLS rental database however, serves an unmet need for a clearinghouse of local, longer term rentals and can be kept up to date by the participating brokers in much the same fashion as properties for sale.

Where do you find these rentals?  In the same place you find any listing!  They will appear on the hotsheet when new or changed, they have their own category when searching and can be found in the mobile app as well as the desktop versions in the same location as other property types! Enjoy.