Reasons to Stage a Home NOW for Spring Sale

By Staged Ryte

We’re stagers, not real estate agents…but we do have a front-row seat for home sales. We know what helps a home sell faster and for a higher price. But when to put it on the market? We leave that to you realtors.

We DO have a few reasons to stage a home for winter sale or in the late winter for early spring sale.

  • People visit the Berkshires for the culture and the natural beauty. Perhaps to ski when the weather cooperates. Maybe they fall in love with the area and on that blustery or rainy day, they’ll go visit houses. You want to capture those visitors with your listing through outstanding photos and the actual in-home experience. Remember, we want to present a lifestyle to prospective buyers, not just an empty house.
  • People may not think that listing a home in the winter is the right time, but you will be fresh on the market and capture looks because there aren’t as many listings. If the home is staged, it will be a superstar and likely garner a greater price.
  • Preparing and staging a home during the winter season means it’s then ready for the spring and new lookers. If a home has been on the market but hasn’t moved, we always recommend to take it off the market, stage it, and relaunch for late winter/early spring. All eyes will be on your listing.
  • If your client does list in the winter, the home will present better if it’s a space that feels warm, cozy & move-in ready.

Have a house that needs a staging or refresh and relaunch? Talk to us! Also, contact Dawn for a tour of our new home staging warehouse & office in Ashley Falls.


Staged Ryte is a woman-owned boutique home staging and design firm. We create homes where buyers see themselves in the story we create – living their ideal lives. Our attention to detail and ability to understand what buyers want is unmatched. And no two spaces ever look alike because of our extensive inventory of unique curated pieces. Our goal is to Wow! home buyers, and make home owners – and real estate agents – VERY happy with faster-than-expected sales at the best price. Staged Ryte specializes in home staging and design in the Berkshires, New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Eastern New York State, and Western Massachusetts.