REALTORS® Rise Up: April is Fair Housing Month

To celebrate and honor Fair Housing month, your Board has issued a 100 Member Fairhaven Challenge.  We hope you’ll participate by taking the Fairhaven Fair Housing Simulation Course to see how you navigate barriers in the real estate world!   Not only are you, as a REALTOR®, a community leader, you are an expert at shaping and helping to build neighborhoods that thrive. By promoting diversity and inclusion you can unlock access to opportunities that transform lives and boost business by promoting diversity and inclusion.

1. Complete Fairhaven: A Fair Housing Simulation. and let Sandy Carroll know when you’ve sold your virtual homes in Fairhaven and passed the challenge. We will make sure you’re included in our Fair Housing promotion!  Check out those Berkshire members who have already completed and sent their certificate! 6 down, 94 to go! Much like our C2EX challenge last year, we will feature promotions starting today on social media, one every few days!

2. Download, Print, and Display NAR’s Fair Housing Month Poster and make sure you have HUDs Fair Housing Poster displayed in any office space clients enter.

3. Proudly display the Fair Housing Declaration to show your support for equal opportunity housing and your commitment to providing professional service.

4. Learn how you can participate in NAR’s Fair Housing Month @ Home  – a curated list of books, videos, podcasts and other resources for you to educate yourself throughout the month. You’ll be encouraged to read, watch, listen, think, discuss – and strengthen your fair housing knowledge and leadership.

5. Watch a few of the MAR Fair Housing webinars they have hosted this past year on topics like: Fair Housing History, Implicit Bias, and Section 8 Housing and Vouchers.