Help with Housing After the Hurricanes

Update:  We reached our goal of donating $10,358 from the Berkshires!  Awesome show of heart, REALTORS.  Thank you.  Donations are still needed so if you haven’t contributed to help yet, please do and we will keep updating our totals.

The Board of Directors considered a request for help from the Realtor Relief Fund, a foundation that was formed after 9-11 to provide housing relief to families affected by disaster.  Now more than ever, temporary and emergency housing (and mortgage assistance when unable to work) is critical to so many Americans in hurricane affected regions. The need is so great, and 100% of the dollars raised go directly to community members in need of housing stability during this time of crisis.  Our Board wanted to do more than the contribution requested, so they declared they would match up to $5,000 in donations made by Berkshire Realtors – for a potential of $10,000 to the cause if we reach our goal.  And our leaders led by example… throwing dollars, writing checks and going online, in just a few hours they have personally contributed over $2,300, for a total of $4,700 tally so far.  We need you to help too.  No donation is too small (or too big 😉 so please join us in helping house, for even a little bit, those in desperate need.

Report of Donation Pledge (So We can Match Funds Given)

After you’ve completed the above (so that we know what dollars to match), please donate directly to the fund (if you haven’t already)

Also, share the page on Facebook to help others see this worthwhile cause.  And if you are donating, consider adding a facebook frame that says so!

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  2. Select a frame from the menu or search for the frame you want to use.
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Thank you to the following AMAZING, LOVING REALTORS.  (Updated, 10/18/17 @ 9a.m.)

Roberts & Associates $1,000
Barb Davis Hassan $800
Royal Property Group $500
Realty Street $310
Churchward Davis $200
Jeff Wilkinson $150
Wendy Smith $100
Tracy Crawford $100
Tom Doyle $100
Steven Erenburg $100
Sheila Thunfors $100
Sarah Fleury $100
Sandy Carroll $100
Patricia Talbot $100
Mary Tyer Kelly $100
Mark Harris $100
Kim Gordiner $100
George Cain $100
Eric Steuernagle $100
Doug Goudey $100
Debbie Dywer $100
Cortney Dupont $100
Charles Sawyer $100
Barbara Osborne $100
Alix Cabral $80
Becky Cellana $75
Sue O’Brien $50
Sandra Preston $50
Ray Callahan $50
Paula McLean $50
Mary Jane Dunlop $50
Lisa Kelley $50
Cindy Poulin $50
Barney Stein $50
Mike Sorrentino $23
Kristie Peck $20