To notify law enforcement of a live emergency, please contact 9-1-1.

The National Association of REALTORS® is committed to the safety of our members. Through the REALTOR® Safety Network, NAR will deploy REALTOR® Safety Alerts via social media when a physical or cyberthreat to REALTORS® warrants national attention. For example:

  • A REALTOR® or the immediate family member of a REALTOR® goes missing
  • NAR learns that the association name or the names of its programs are being used fraudulently to attempt to collect money or information from REALTORS® or others
  • A physical threat to REALTORS® warrants national attention

For incidents that don’t meet the criteria for a national alert, the REALTOR® Safety Team will ensure the local association is informed.  Report an incident.  A response team will evaluate the submission to confirm it meets the criteria for a REALTOR® Safety Alert.

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12 Things
1) Pens with Security lnk
2) Use A VPN
3) RFID Wallet
4) Add Cyber Riders to Your insurance Plan
5) Don’t Pay with a credit card at the Gas Pump
6i 2 Step Authenticate
7) Lock screen Protection/Computer Password
8) Stop clicking on unknown websites
9) Download attachments without thinking
10) Only use SSL Encrypted Websites http vs https)
11) Credit Freeze and Credit Monitoring
12) Stop Scheduling Closings on Fridays

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