REALTOR Logo Facelift is Halted.

We’ve got had a new look! NAR released an updated their logo to modernize and refine the REALTOR “R” this week and the internet blew up.  Visit to view concepts behind the new logo. In a way, we hope this strong member passion heard nationwide about the organization/logo/spending leads to an equally strong engagement about critical issues affecting our property rights, our community’s economy and HUD.  Hoping that $1.3 million members continue to be engaged!

Here is what NAR had to say:

“Since we announced the brand evolution and logo redesign, we have received a diversity of opinions that ranged from strong support to outright disapproval. Please know how much we appreciate member input and how seriously we take your feedback.

While the issues that drove this process to evaluate and ultimately evolve the REALTOR® logo still exist, we are pausing its implementation. This extra time will allow us to further examine the enhancement of the REALTOR® brand proposition, including the logo, which means so much to you and your business.

We are a member-centric organization and this decision to postpone the brand transformation demonstrates that your national association is listening.

Elizabeth Mendenhall, President and Bob Goldberg, Chief Executive Officer”