REACT Women’s Build for Habitat for Humanity

Berkshire Realtors and Affiliates are invited to swing a hammer on our Habitat for Humanity’s Women’s Build Day. We need at least 10 volunteers and team members are asked to work that day and also raise funds to sponsor the build ($100 goal) MaryJane Dunlop is our team Captain, so please let her know if you’re in! There is an opportunity to participate in the training day at Lowes in Hadley if you would like to participate on Monday, April 23rd from 9:00 am to noon, although this is not mandatory.  Habitat is also looking for tools to add to their build shed.  Any donation would be appreciated and can be dropped off at 314 Columbus Ave in Pittsfield.

Looking for up to 50 of:
1) Squares; Framing and speed squares – all sizes
2) Tape measures – good readable condition
3) Hammers
a) Framing hammers preferred – waffle head, straight claw

Looking for up to 20 of:
4) Chalk lines
5) Tool belts – with hammer holder
6) Retractable blade utility knives
7) 3/8 nap painting roller sleeves
8) Painters tape

Thank you for helping us build a better community!