Raise the Bar – Provide Feedback

This week’s quick tip to raise the bar on professionalism:  As it gets busy, please remember to provide prompt showing feedback to the listing agent.  It is incredibly helpful to get the buyer / agent’s reaction to a property to be able to share with the seller.  It allows the listing agent to have a frank discussion on the marketing, pricing or condition of the property with the seller to understand how it is being perceived when compared to the rest of the homes on the market in a given area and price range.  You don’t have to compromise your buyer’s position – just let the listing broker know if the property is still of interest, or if it is not a good match, explain why.  You can email or call the listing agent easily from your phone [FlexMLS app works great!], text the agent with your feedback if that’s the way you’ve been communicating, or in the FlexMLS system … click the little person figure on the listing display to quickly send a message to the agent or a client in your address book.  Guaranteed, you’ll appreciate the feedback when you’re on the other side!feedback