Raise the Bar – Identify Yourself on Phone/Text

Sounds so simple, but one quick step to making a professional phone call / text is to identify yourself. Even via text, a quick, “Hi Joe, this is So and So from Yadda Yadda Realty. I am looking to show 123 main street tomorrow at 2 p.m.” PERFECT!  Identifying yourself will leave the recipient with no doubt that you have contacted them in a professional capacity. We’ve had numerous reports from frustrated listing brokers who weren’t aware they were speaking with, making appointments with and in some cases showing properties to other find the appointment was with another REALTOR! We have a lot of new agents in the market, and a lot of new interest in homebuying and selling.  Other simple tips from the Pathways to Professionalism for REALTORS:

For all:

  • When calling another REALTOR, state your name, your company and your role (buyers agent or facilitator).
  • Call or text before you electronically send documents to alert the other party of their arrival.
  • Show courtesy, trust and respect to other real estate professionals. Snark and swearing is not professional!
  • Never gossip, disparage or speak badly about other Realtor® or affiliate professionals.
  • When approached by a potential buyer or seller, always ask if they are already working with another agent exclusively.
  • Advise the clients of other brokers to direct questions to their agent or representative, not you.
  • Market your own skills; Don’t disparage another agent to get ahead.

Buyer’s Agents, Seller’s agents appreciate when you…

  • Schedule property showings as far in advance as possible.
  • Show up on time, or call immediately if you are delayed or must cancel an appointment.
  • Be considerate of their schedule when making back-to-back ‘tight’ appointments.
  • If a prospective buyer decides not to view a home, promptly explain the situation.
  • Call/email the listing broker to report the results of any showing and any feedback received.
  • Notify the listing broker immediately if anything appears wrong with the property.
  • Take care of the property as if it were your own – wipe wet feet, make sure doors and windows are latched, return heat to original temp, etc.
  • Never enter a home (even if you know the code) without express authorization of the Listing Broker
  • Notify the listing broker if there appears to be inaccurate information on the listing sheet

Seller’s Agents, Buyer’s agents appreciate when you… 

  • Respond promptly to requests for showings or for more information.
  • Do your research about the details of the house BEFORE you list it when possible, so that many questions can be answered without delay.
  • Show up on time, or call immediately if you are delayed or must cancel an appointment.
  • Share important information about a showing, including the presence of pets; security systems; physical hazards, and if sellers plan to be present.
  • Don’t pump their buyer clients for information and don’t market yourself during a cooperative showing
  • Provide equal access to all buyers and communicate any activity on the property you are able to share.
  • When submitting an offer to a seller, keep the buyer’s agent apprised of the status, especially if it is taking a long time for a response.
  • Be honest in all dealings.