Quick Search: Flexmls’ Most Powerful Searching Tool

It’s time to start exploring the Quick Search function in Flex if you don’t use it all ready because the full search will be going away in November.  Don’t worry, the quick search is superior – both faster and more efficient – you can search by any field in the database easily! Quick Search can also keep track of your selected listings, even if you select a different templates. And, you can select specific fields to exclude from your search, or that you can even add map criteria to any quick search? and find out how this tool can safe you time and help you do your job so much better – in only 3 easy steps.  Watch this quick 15 minute video If video isn’t your thing and you just prefer to read some key reasons that Quick Search is superior, continue reading below!

Efficient: Do The Same Thing, But Faster:  Full Search (legacy) has been around for many years, and it shows. Hunting through all available fields on multiple tabs is a thing of the past with Quick Search. Start with a small subset of commonly searched fields (a Quick Search template) and use the “Add a field” feature to select additional fields. And all your search criteria are visible on a single tab for quick and easy access.

Customizable: Create Your Own Templates: Full Search (legacy) doesn’t allow you to customize your search experience. The sky’s the limit with Quick Search when it comes to customization. If you want to perform a search differently than your coworkers, you can customize your Quick Search templates to fit your specific needs.

Portable: Same Search On All Platforms: We know that you are always on-the-go and when you need to run a search, you need it now. Full Search (legacy) isn’t supported on mobile, but Quick Search functions the exact same across all Flexmls Platforms (mobile apps and desktop) so it’s easy to use, no matter where you need to use it.