Publicly Displayed Fields in MLS Expanded to Include Public Documents

At the MLS Board of Directors meeting yesterday, the directors unanimously voted to amend the submission policy to include public documents as part of publicly displayed fields.  (Underlined text indicates amendment.). These are not fields that are checked by the MLS staff when verifying data entry.  This is a self-policing policy, please contact staff should you see a violation.

Public Fields Submission

No REALTOR references shall be made in any public fields, for example: photos, driving directions, virtual tours, public remarks, public documents, etc.

Public Remarks / Directions / Photos & Unbranded Virtual Tours / Public Documents:  Items entered into these fields shall not reference REALTOR® information directly or indirectly. Such references will be removed by MLS staff. Contact information, bonus or compensation details or showing instructions should be entered in the “Realtor-to -Realtor” remarks field.

Syndication Remarks: Content in the MLS ‘Public Remarks’ field will be electronically copied into the ‘Syndication Remarks’ field, and will automatically add the agents name and contact information at the end. The agent is free to modify this content as they wish, and may include agent / office branding in this field. Please note, these syndication remarks are provided to all syndication services for use on their websites. We cannot guarantee that they will use these remarks. By contract, Zillow will not publish remarks with agent branding, so Zillow is provided the Public Remarks without agent branding.