Pro Tip: Save Time by Customizing Your Dashboard to Include a Saved Searches Gadget

The Flexmls platform is a system designed to work for YOU. And that means it is designed full of customizations, so the system is catered to your needs. Now, hopefully you already know that you are able to customize your dashboard (don’t worry if you don’t, we’ll teach you how below), but did you know that when making customizations you can include a Saved Searches gadget? The Saved Searches gadget lets you view all search results for a previously saved search. Through this gadget you are also able to see new listings in the saved search (listings from the past month that meet search criteria) or edit the search. All the information you need about your saved searches is easy to view as soon as you log in. Check out the videos: in less than 15 minutes:  Work Smarter: Time Saving Customizations.  Don’t have 15 minutes, well than gosh, here is a 3 minute version:  The Dashboard video.   Old school?  Written Help: Dashboard CustomizationsHome Dashboard and Saved Searches.