Our Condolences to our Members

We are so saddened to share passings of beloved family of members of the Board.  Our hearts are with them and their families as the journey through this time, and our wish is that memories will hold them up.

James O’Brien Herrick – beloved brother of Mary Jo Piretti Miller, Piretti Real Estate.  James passed on March 29th in Florida and is survived by his wife, daughter and son.  James’ obituary can be found here.  Condolences can be sent to Mary Jo at 22 Walker St Lenox MA 01240 or to her email: berkrealtr@aol.com.

Dorine Galliher – dear mother of Nancy Smith of Ashmere Realty.  Dorine passed on April 2nd.  In addition to Nancy, she is survived by her long-time partner Wayne H. Walton.  “Ding’s” obituary can be found here.  Please send condolences to Nancy through her email: nancyrs257@gmail.com or to PO Box 577 Hinsdale MA 01235.

Charles David Spencer – loving father of Tanya Spencer Shepardson of RE/MAX Compass.  Mr. Spencer is survived by his children Hans, Jason and Tanya.  His obituary can be found here.  Tanya can be reached through her email tanyashepardson4@gmail.com or PO Box 53 Lenoxdale MA 01242.

We are keeping you all in our thoughts.