October Membership Report

We’ve had a lot of activity in the Board Office during the month of October, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to serve you.  We value your membership!  We’re amazed to see that we communicated a total of 1865 times with you, either through phone calls or emails.  Staff is one of our most valuable member benefits so we’re glad to see that you’re taking advantage.

Did you know that FREE continuing education is also a member benefit?  And, we also offer recorded CE classes that you can take for credit on your own time.  Just in October we had 230 members access 21 of our recorded classes.  If you’re interested, please review the offerings here, and let Sue know if you complete a class so she can verify attendance and issue a certificate.  We also enjoyed the company of 46 members at our live, Zoom program; Understanding the Basics of the Reverse Mortgage.

We welcomed 15 new members in October, and added 41 new contacts to our databases.  It was definitely a robust month.

We also said farewell to members who resigned or retired in October.  We wish them all the best!!

Contact Name Membership Type Drop Reason
Dottie Pires Primary Realtor Retired
Alander Real Estate Member Office DR Resigned
Hill Law Member Office DR Resigned
Century 21 A-1 Nolan, LLC Member Office DR Resigned
Dottie Pires Realty Member Office DR Retired
Berkshire Luxury Properties Member Office DR Resigned
Plimpton and Hills Member Office Not Using Benefits
Thomas McGowan MLS User Not Using Benefits
Ellen Kushi MLS User Retired
Dottie Pires MLS Participant Retired
Nancy Cole MLS User Other
Michael Beck MLS User Not Using Benefits
Jesse Cuevas MLS User Resigned
Cindy Gaynor-Harper MLS User Not Using Benefits
Rodrique Ngowi MLS User Other
Jack Watson MLS User Other
Adam Dion MLS User Not Using Benefits
Megan Ruprecht MLS User Other
Justin Esposito Provisional Realtor Other
Michael Mazzeo Provisional Realtor Other
Beth Shuman MLS User Other
Christopher Hamilton MLS User Not Using Benefits