Notes from the Legal Hotline; Unlicensed help

What tasks may an assistant perform in a real estate office?

The tasks that may be performed by an assistant in a real estate office is going to depend on whether the assistant is licensed or unlicensed. A licensed assistant may perform any tasks permitted of licensees in a real estate transaction, but an unlicensed assistant is much more limited in the tasks they may perform. Some examples of activities in which an unlicensed real estate assistant can engage in are:

  • General administrative tasks, such as answering the phones and sending mailers
  • Placing signs on listed properties
  • Scheduling appointments for the licensee
  • Preparing open house materials

Unlicensed assistants should avoid tasks which place them in direct contact with clients or customers. Specifically, the following are some activities unlicensed assistants should avoid:

  • Providing specific details of a property
  • Discussing marketing strategies or home values
  • Hosting an open house or conducting showings
  • Negotiating the terms of a sale
  • Presenting offers

Engaging in any activities that go beyond the scope of an administrative task could violate Massachusetts licensing laws.