REALTOR Volunteer Night at the Theatre

We have a great way for the REALTORs to share some community spirit, with a fun opportunity to “host” an evening of theatre for Barrington Stage.  In return for providing 6 volunteers for the show, BOCA, volunteers will be able to attend the performance at no cost.  We will be introduced at the beginning of the show and volunteers recognized.  All will be asked to wear REALTOR clothing or badges to identify us to the crowd.  Interested in volunteering? (first come, first serve).  Below is an overview of the “job description” for volunteers.

The Show:  Boca – Are you ready for some laughs? Come, soak up the good life in Boca Raton, a city that offers the fountain of youth. The sun always shines, the lawns are always manicured, and the weather holds steady at a perfect 75, just like Boca’s well-maintained seniors. In the world premiere of Jessica Provenz’s Boca, we’ll travel to the Sunshine State for a night of short comedies that follow a group of retirees who, between rounds of golf, bridge and Botox, can be found bickering, gossiping, and living it up like they’re teenagers all over again.

Saturday, August 28, 8:00 PM showtime, 7:00 PM arrival of volunteers
Tent Production at 34 Laurel Street in Pittsfield 

Job Description: Vaccinated individuals** should be able to move about the theatre or stand for an hour while wearing a mask. A signed Covid Liability Waiver is required.  Two volunteer positions:

  • Check-in –  Check-in volunteers will stand at the outside entrances to the theatre and, while maintaining social distancing, check off patrons waiting in line on a clipboard, communicate to the host the next patrons’ seat locations, and let the patrons know when it is their turn to be sat by the Host volunteers.
  • Host – Host volunteers will, while maintaining social distancing, show patrons to their seats in the theatre.

**Exceptions to full vaccination requirement can be made for those that aren’t vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons.  All are required to wear a properly fitting mask that covers from the bridge of their nose down past their chin at all times while at the Boyd-Quinson stage and for the majority of their shift at the Tent theatre (only exception is while seated watching the performance).

Contact Sandy if you’re interested!