New Form: P&S Home Sale Contingency

Never wonder if the wording is exactly right on a Home Sale Contingency – we’ve got an addendum for that!  Check out the FlexMLS contracts and forms to find the new Purchase and Sale Home Sale Contingency, for making an offer that requires the buyer to sell their current residence.  Also, check out several updated forms (all dated in the list) and a few new forms, such as the Referral Contract for times you agree to pay a referral fee to another Licensee for a referred client. Also, we’ve had some eagle eye REALTORS checking the forms…  Thanks to:  Andy Perenick who found a “seller” reference in the updated Exclusive Right to Buy contract (it’s corrected).  Thanks to Colleen Zajac who found the P&S Extension of Time for Contingencies inexplicably missing (it’s back up and working). Thanks to Paul Harsch who found some odd formatting in the newly updated Land Purchase and Sale agreement (also all fixed by Flex).  Any others? Please let know!