MLS Database of Options

The MLS Board made some recent changes to the MLS database and are contemplating a few more.  We’ve already added ‘tight tank‘ as a disclosure option under Title V, so you should update any listing where a tight tank exists.  (Thanks Ann Spadafora!) We’ve added a co-selling agent (thanks to feedback from Mary Jane White) to the pending reporting screen so that 2 agents of an office working on behalf of a buyer can get the credit.  We’re also in the process of correcting the display of South Lee which appeared as a town, but should be a Village of the town of Lee (thanks Pam Roberts!). There will be some field changes that need to be made to comply with national “dictionary” standards, green features and we’re seeking input on mandatory fields, new house styles or other suggestions.

  • Mandatory fields:  Are there any fields you think should be required but aren’t? Some requests we’ve received (and have hotly debated) are assessed value, room levels, fireplaces.  More?
  • House Styles:  Are there any styles you believe are missing?  Can anyone say granny pod?
  • Anything Else:  Any other fields you think need a little attention?

Share your bright ideas

We also reviewed the updates that FlexMLS underwent in the first quarter and those expected in the next.  Michael Wurzer, the CEO of FBS sent this report:

  • Flexmls Pro for iPhone and Android – In January and March, we released new versions of Flexmls Pro for iPhone and Android, with improved contact management, sharing, and messaging capabilities.
  • Mobile Web – We released updates to Mobile Web in January and March, including improvements to the hot sheet and reinstating the ability to search by drawing on maps (this feature had been temporarily removed due to our need to switch to the Google maps API late last year).
  • Subscription Opt-in Status Report – To help agents manage their subscriptions, we released a new Subscription Opt-in Status Report in January and then added additional features in early April.
  • Search Logic with Map Overlays– We improved the search logic when using multiple map overlays to use OR instead of AND by default.
  • Combined Production on Ranking Report  – We released an improvement to the ranking option under the Saturation Report that combines agent activity across all offices when calculating the rankings.
  • Inheritable Map Overlays – In January, we added the ability for MLS and office-level logins to create inheritable map overlays.
  • Simplified Listing Collections (January 25)– Based on consumer research we’ve been doing, we simplified the standard listing collections to Save and Hide, instead of the previous three options of Favorite, Like, and No Interest. This change impacted all products.
  • Customer Controlled Logins (January 25) – In preparation for the upcoming iPhone app for customer portals, we updated the login process for consumer portals to allow the customer to use their email address and set their own password. This ensures that each account is unique, which is necessary for logging in through the Flexmls for iPhone and Android apps that will be launched this year.
  • Require Login to View Private Email Links – We extended the MLS preference for allowing members to email links to private listing detail reports and documents to require that users clicking those links login to the system before being able to view them.
  • CMA Improvements New Drag and Drop Re-ordering of Comps; and Satellite Maps.

Coming up for in Q2 2016 are:

  • Flexmls Pro for Android — Coming April 25, we’ll be updating Flexmls Pro for Android to add the ability to make price changes and extend listings, as well as improved messaging support.
  • New Portals (Desktop, Mobile Web, and iPhone app)  – I know we’ve been talking about this for the last two quarterly reports and my earlier expectations for a Q1 launch were not met, but we’re very close now and I feel confident we’ll be launching new customer portals for desktop, mobile web, and iPhone during Q2. The good news is that whereas previously we were planning to launch the iPhone app first, we’ll now be launching new portals for desktop, mobile web, and iPhone at the same time. Stay tuned in the next 30 days for more detailed information on this significant launch.