Masks and Safety Precautions are Cool!

In breaking news this week, COVID isn’t over! We are getting quite a bit of feedback about a lack of consistency in showing safety.  Please follow the simple rules set forth by the Governor in home showings…  Wear a mask indoors and require buyers do as well.  Limit home access to small groups. Those not residing together should maintain 6’ distance when possible. Buyers must limit touching of surfaces / handles and sellers should be prepping the house by leaving things open.  Agents should have hand sanitizer available for clients and wipes for handles / home surfaces when the showing is complete.  Please also maintain a clear record of showings.

We’ve heard of agents pushing past the listing agent and refusing to wear a mask.. buyers and their reps entering the house with large groups of people, buyers agents allowing small kids and dogs to run around in the house unsupervised (and touching surfaces), buyers with extended family found hanging out on the couch eating snacks while a home inspector goes through. Sigh. We know the far majority are careful and conscientious, but even a few make us all look bad, and we are better than this.  Please respect a home – and demand others do as well.  A home is someone’s personal space and we have no way of knowing about their (or our) vulnerabilities to this illness, so please take special care. Thank you!