March Membership Report

After dues billing is completed, we said farewell to 32 members who retired, left the business or were dropped by their office for payment issues.  We did have 15 new REALTORS attend our February orientation program and welcome another 5 new members this month.  Tracie Barry moved to Assist to Sell Realty, Shannon Margraf moved to Barnbrook Realty, Rachel Shepardson moved to Berkshire Homes and Condos, Jaimy Messana moved to Century 21 A Perras, Maggie Barry moved to William Pitt Sotheby’s, Jeffrey Zocchi moved to Royal Property Group, Barbara Scace moved to Bishop West Real Estate and Lisa Peltier moved to Southern Berkshire Realty. Please see the full report for details.

# REALTORS (470 budgeted, 472 billed) 447 # MLS Users (567 budgeted) 555
# REALTOR Resignations 2017 32 # Affiliates Paid to Date (23 budgeted) 21
# Provisional Members 5 # Platinum Sponsors (6 Budgeted) 6
# Offices Dropped / Closed 4 # Advertiser Sponsors (10 Budgeted) 6
# New Offices 2017 4 # Appraiser Affiliates (19 budgeted) 9

New Members, Orientation 2/2017

Full Name Office Join Date
Seth Alden Burnham Gold Real Estate LLC 6/21/2016
Rebecca Basnet Berkshire Dream Homes 7/15/2016
Tammy Christen Barnbrook rEalty 11/1/2016
J. James Finnerty Boulderwood Group 11/1/2016
Migdeliz Girard Royal Property Group 11/8/2016
Frank Goncalves Summit Realty 1/3/2017
Jeff King Berkshire Dream Homes 1/1/2017
Jane Larkworthy Berkshire Property Agents 1/4/2017
Richard Needelman Wheeler and Taylor 1/4/2017
Karl Mirke Greylock Realty 1/12/2017
Michelle Picard Viale Realty, LLC 1/11/2017
Ann Shacar Berkshire Parkway Realty 1/12/2017
Jason Smegal Berkshire Dream Home 1/20/2017
Wayne Tremblay Bishop West 1/9/2017
Melissa Zink Keller Williams 1/25/2017

New Offices:

Firm Name DR Name Date of Add
Exit Realty John Bevilacqua 2/24/2017
Mireille Azzi Mireille Azzi 2/24/2017

 Provisional Members: Applicants on file, awaiting orientation.

Full Name Office
Nichole Calautti Berkshire Access Realty
Karl Mirke Greylock Realty
Glenn Maloney G. Fuls Real Estate
Mireille Azzi Mireille Azzi
Robert Killiard Isgood Realty

February Drops:

First Last Office Dropped Reason
Neil Sprague Berkshire Realty 2/10/2017 Retired
Joe Jennings Tony Blair 2/13/2017 Terminated per DR
Sean Stephens The Kinderhook Group 2/13/2017 Terminated per DR
Stephanie Farrington-Borns The Kinderhook Group 2/13/2017 Terminated per DR
Harald Scheid Regional Resource Group 2/23/2017 Retired
Danielle Smith Berkshire Property Agents Non-payment Billed the DR

Change of Office:

First Name Last Name Old Office New Office Move Date
Rachel Shepardson Barnbrook Realty Berkshire Homes and Condos 2/13/2017
Jaimy Messana Tony Blair Real Estate Century 21 A Perras 2/2/2017
Maggie Barry Tucker Associates William Pitt Sotheby’s 2/13/2017
Jeffrey Zocchi Greylock realty Royal Property Group 2/17/2016
Barbara Scace Viale Real Estate Bishop West Real Estate 2/25/2016
Lisa Peltier Berkshire Homes and Condos Southern Berkshire Realty 2/28/2017

Dropped for No Code of Ethics

Elizabeth Grull

Rachael Plaine

Alan Righi