Contract & Addendums Update

MAR has released a really helpful video (shown in the full post) from Catherine Taylor about the new contract and forms they have released (as we announced last month):  Seller to Find Suitable Housing Addendum |  Seller Instructions Regarding Buyer Letters  |  Fair Housing Considerations Regarding Buyer Letters  |  Waiver of Inspection Rights Addendum  |  Sight Unseen Addendum.  They all can be found in Ziplogix, Dotloop and Docusign.  Please Note: Questions related to these updates, or about any of MAR’s forms, may be sent to Catherine Taylor,  Our own local legal counsel wanted to also caution agents and brokers that agents should not be recommending a buyer waive a home inspection. While buyer’s agents should always discuss the trends and impact of all terms, to specifically suggest or recommend the buyer waive their inspection may increase their own liability.  Locally, we welcome member feedback as well, on the forms we provide.  The Contract & Forms Committee plans to be meeting in the next month. (email