Looking for your Stimulus Check?

The IRS released a new web tool that allows you to check on the status of your stimulus check payment and update your direct deposit information for payments processed more quickly. This tool is for those have filed 2018 and/or 2019 tax returns.  Non-filers should go to this link instead registration tool for non-filers here.

The new tool, Get My Payment, which is available now, will:

  • Provide you with the status of your payment, including the date your payment is scheduled to be deposited into your bank account or mailed;
  • Advise you of your payment type; and
  • Allow eligible taxpayers a chance to provide bank account information to receive payments more quickly rather than waiting for a paper check. This feature will be unavailable if your payment has already been scheduled for delivery.

Entering bank or financial account information will allow the IRS to deposit your payment directly into your account. Otherwise, your payment will be mailed to you as a paper check.