ListHub Decisions for Brokers: Setting Up Company Data


Decisions for Brokers: Where to Syndicate

The automatic Publisher List syndicated by the MLS is now limited to 20 primary portals, while Brokers can opt-in to additional publishers

See the new flyer for the automatic Syndication Publisher List

  • Brokers can select from over 95 publishers in total.
  • Brokers can filter publishers by criteria
  • Search Publishers
  • View Huge Scorecard Flip Book
  • View Scorecard Comparison
  • What latitude will you allow agents to change that decision?

Publisher Network ListHub 1

Publisher Network ListHub


Settings ListHub


Signed in ListHub

< Upper right corner after you’re signed in.






After the Registration Process you will be able to “Manage Brokerage”

  • Basic Data:  Complete your company name, brokerage information, upload a 200×200 logo.
  • Primary Administrator:  You will be asked to identify the Primary Administration (not Public) that will receive syndication correspondence on your companies behalf.  It could be the broker, and office administrator or key agent you put in charge of this task.
  • Lead Management:  The leads are automatically filtered to the listing agent for each listing.  You can change that to the broker, a marketing person or someone you put in charge of leads.  You can also decide if the listing agent can override your assignment of another lead recipient.
  • Listing Data:  You have the ability to determine what information appears as contact for each listing.  This is defaulted to the Listing Agent with Listing office contact information.  You can chose to limit it to the office data as well.
  • Listing Redirect:  ListHub automatically creates an online flyer type page that all syndicators much link to when a consumer selects more information. (see example on next page).  You can, if you have the technical capability, request that ListHub instead redirects the listing link to YOUR website.

Decisions for Brokers: How will you manage users in your company

  • Invite users to send a link to register, if desired.
  • Agents with listings can get invites, those without don’t.
  • Add, update, or remove users in your brokerage. Send agents or managers invitations to create a ListHub login. Give agents permission to redirect traffic to the agent Web site.

Decisions for Brokers: Automatic Syndication of Future Sites

ListHub Automatic Syndication of Future Sites

Click here to view “How to Complete the Brokerage Registration Process of your ListHub account”