Listening, Negotiation, Problem Solving – Do You Have the Right Stuff?

As a REALTOR you must listen to your customers and clients, negotiate with other professionals and be on top of problem solving on an almost daily basis.  These skills can go a long way to serving the Board outside of the real estate transaction as well.  Have you ever considered volunteering your services in the role of an Ombudsman?  What does an Ombudsman do?  They assist members of the public, other real estate professionals and other REALTORS to resolve conflict in an informal way before a situation spirals out of control and ends up in a formal ethics complaint.  Typically, a REALTOR Ombudsman will provide these services over the phone and can help to clear the air with just a few calls.

Interested?  Linda Kody will join us on a Zoom meeting on October 19th from 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. to take a deeper dive and provide the training necessary to serve in this role.  Even if you’re on the fence about wanting to commit, please attend the training so you can make an informed decision and have any and all of your questions answered.  We hope you’ll find the training beneficial and fulfilling enough to become a Berkshire Ombudsman!