Broker Virtual Meeting – Legal in the Hotseat

Next week –

April 13, 2021 – 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Exclusively for Brokers (and Office managers invited by the Broker), we have invited Catherine Taylor of the MAR legal hotline to field your tough questions in a Broker Legal Q&A. Attend to get assistance in developing sound brokerage policy, ask tough questions to better guide your agents, listen to all sorts of legal questions already received, and hear other Brokers ask questions live about their concerns.

We are compiling a list of questions/topics in advance to get the meeting started.  You can help by sharing your question/topic. This will help Catherine prepare any materials that might be helpful. There will be opportunity to ask during the meeting as well! We know a few topics have come in recently regarding new office policies that can help your agents to avoid Fair Housing complaints; creating office policy regarding off-site disclosure issues; what is an agent’s minimum level of responsibility in researching property deed information (buyer and seller agents); broker/brokerage responsibility for agent comments on social media, board of registration audits; contract & forms changes under consideration and more!