Lead Paint Form Completion: Details Matter (again)

Just a reminder that it is so important that the Lead Paint form uploaded to your listing is completed CORRECTLY.  And that means the seller needs to strictly follow the instructions on the form.. where it says check, they must check, not X or initial.  Where it says initial, they must do that.  If you are on the receiving end (buyer’s side) of a form that is incorrect, time for some teamwork with the listing agent to get the form corrected and processed correctly.  As stated right in the form, “Sellers and real estate agents who do not meet these requirements can face a civil penalty of up to $1,000 under state law; a civil penalty of up to $10,000 and possible criminal sanctions under federal law, as well as liability for resulting damages. In addition, a real estate agent who fails to meet these requirements may be liable under the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act.” Yikes. Better double check the forms you have and make sure you offer your expert help when needed.  We know a firm that had multiple issues and was hit with $10,000 fines multiple times.  :-0  BUT please also remember you shouldn’t be completing the form at all yourself, other than highlighting the instructions… or again, using the Ziplogix platform for your seller to complete it in a limited manner (they can only check or initial where stated) is safe as well!