Changing the Layout of Listing Details

Well, unintended consequences are the name of the game today.  We updated a few layouts in your detail report options to allow the rooms to display in the order they were entered (a GREAT improvement)!  Unfortunately, if you had one of those reports as your default view, it reverted back to a standard view.  Want your listing details to look like it used to?  Easy…

  • Option #1 – Call the board, tell them what your report used to look like and ask them to change your default view back.
  • Option #2 – Watch a video for a quick how-to change your default view.
  • Option #3 – Follow these easy instructions

1) View a listing and determine what report you like best. To do this, when viewing the details of a listing, see the “report” option with a down arrow.  Click that and it will open up all available report views for you.  We find most are using the  BRK Full, BRK New Sorted and Branded.  Pick your favorite for default (but know you can change the view and print option all the time)


2.  Then go to PREFERENCE | GENERAL PREFERENCES and change the “Chose Default Listing Report” to the report you love.  Scroll to the bottom and hit NEXT button and your default view is changed. There you have it!