It’s Here! Automatic Debit / Credit Card Payment for MLS has Arrived

Brokers, you’ve been asking and our MLS Board of Directors heard you.  At their August meeting, the MLS Board of Directors approved the use of automatic debit or credit card charges for payment of your monthly MLS invoices.

To enroll, please complete the Automatic Debit / Credit Card Authorization Form and return it to the Board Office.  Staff will institute your first automatic authorized payment the month following receipt.  Here’s how it works:

  • Complete the Authorization Form and return it to the Board Office.
  • On the 1st of each month you will receive a copy of your MLS invoice for services received the preceding month (as happens now).
  • Between the 25th and the 28th of the same month, your debit or credit card will be charged for the full amount due.

Following are some answers to what we anticipate to be frequently asked questions:

Q.  What happens if I dispute a charge that is appearing on my invoice?
A.  Please notify the staff prior to the 25th of the month.  If the dispute in question must be reviewed by the Board of Directors, staff will remove that particular charge pending an outcome of their review and will charge your card for the remaining amount.  If the error is something that staff can correct, a correction will be made and your debit or credit card will be charged in the amount of the resulting balance.

Q.  What happens if I decide I no longer want to use the automated charge option?
A.  Notify the staff, in writing, and we will remove you from the service.

Q.  What if my debit or credit card is lost, stolen or becomes inactive?
A.  Contact the office and we will provide you with a form to update your card info and/or remove you from the service, depending on what your preference is.

Q.  What will happen if my debit / credit card declines?
A.  The staff will notify you by email that your card has declined and will remove your account from this service.  A $10 processing fee will be added to your invoice. If you wish to continue on the automated charge option, we will require updated card info from you.

Q.  Is my debit / credit card account information secure?
A.  Absolutely!  The staff will redact all card information from your authorization form once it has been recorded into our QuickBooks accounting system.  QuickBooks itself does not show the entire card number to anyone viewing the system and the account number is encrypted within the system.