How to create a one-page property flyer in RPR!

An exciting new option has been added to the already robust line-up of RPR® reports–the one page property flyer. REALTORS® can now create a customized, branded marketing piece for any property!

Here’s how:

Step #1 | Find Your Listing

Search for the listing in the main search navigation of RPR and click “create a report” from the property details page, or go straight to the reports section and enter the property address.

Step #2 | Select a Report

Select the “Property Flyer” option on Step 2 of the reports section, then click “More Details” to customize your report.

Step #3 | Property Photo

Choose one photo to display on the property flyer. Any photo that previously aligned with the property will be shown here to select from, as well as any photos that you’ve uploaded yourself.

Step #4 | Headline & Description

Create a custom headline for the property report, located below the photo selection. Choose something that showcases the personality of the home and some of its more exciting features i.e., “A Charming Bungalow,” or “Newly Remodeled.”

Next, enter the property description. This is auto populated from the description already listed on the home, but you can modify the description, enter your own description, or even enter in details of an upcoming open house.

Step 4 Headline & Description

Step #5 | Your Branding

Make sure your profile (photo, logo, phone number, email, etc.) is complete.

On the right side of the page, choose which elements to include on the report by selecting or deselecting the check boxes of available options.

step 5 your branding

Step #6 | Generate Your Report

Personalize reports prior to emailing by entering the recipient’s name and a brief message.

Next, choose the “Display Now” or “Email” delivery method.

Then, click on the “Terms of Use” check box, and select the blue “Get Report” button.

A notification will appear indicating how long it will take for the report to generate. You can then leave this page and go back to searching through RPR.

Congratulations! You have successfully customized and branded an RPR one-page property flyer.

RPR Video Learning: If you’d prefer to watch this tutorial via video learning, click here.


Original Article found on the NAR RPR Blog.