How to Access MassForms


Need a form in a jiff that is not available on our FLEX system? Never fret, you can access those forms for free on!

Your Massachusetts Realtor Association’s most valuable benefit is MassForms, a library of transaction forms which have been developed by an expert legal staff and are continually reviewed and updated by the legal staff based on the most current industry standards and legislative changes in the practice of buying and selling property in Massachusetts. These Forms are available for you to access through various electronic platforms.  They are available through your Free Forms benefit and at a member discount from other top vendors in the electronic forms market.  Choose the vendor that’s right for you to start using MassForms, the most widely used transaction forms library in Massachusetts.

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MassForms Now Available at No Cost Through zipLogix


To register for free MAR Forms online, visit

To log in to MAR Forms online after registration, visit 

To access FREE live interactive online training, 

zipForm® Plus boasts a simplified transaction process where all the tools are easily and quickly accessible.  Forms are quick loading, full screen mode is enhanced and easy to navigate, plus transactions, contacts and forms are all equipped with a search bar.

Every form is customized for Massachusetts REALTORS® to help you quickly and easily work through a transaction. And because the forms are web-based, they can be accessed from anywhere.

*Information adapted from the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS,