Helpful “Corrections” must be Actionable

Thanks to all who accepted the Clear Cooperation challenge to be deputies of enforcement.  We know that all are better served with reliable data you can count on and a system you can trust. But, we have an important request – if you reach out to us to report what may be an issue, you cannot then ask that we “don’t do anything” because you don’t want someone to suspect it was you calling.  When staff learns of an issue, they must act on it to ensure the integrity of the system is preserved.  We don’t give out names of who reported possible errors and handle issues as factually as possible – we verify information, we seek to educate and inform and most of all – CORRECT anything that might be incorrect.  Staff has reported listening to lengthy explanations this week, but then are asked at the end to “please keep it just between us”.  No.  We have to continue to work with members to make this system accurate.  Please know, as we first clear some hiccups in the process transitioning listings taken in the “old way’ and complying with the “new way” are bound to create some issues.  That’s ok – we are here to help with that transition.  We know that public marketing of listings – within a network of brokers or on Facebook – now means the listing goes on the MLS within a day. That’s a shift that not everyone has caught up on.  We have followed up on many messages this week and appreciated the opportunity to educate and clarify the new way of interacting with the MLS members – and also to provide guidance on how to transition existing listings.  So, thank you for helping us make sure the MLS is the strongest, best place for real estate information.  And thank you in the future for allowing us to do our job in preserving the data integrity based on your in-the-field knowledge!