Help your sellers SELL – Room locations, dimensions, and photo descriptions

We know it’s a strange time to market a home, given that many of your listing appointments are virtual and your buyer appointments handled very differently – what we can share is that it is important NOW MORE THAN EVER for listing agents to take the time to include as much detail on the listing sheet as possible – room locations, dimensions, and descriptions on a listing sheet help buyers understand the home assets.  Great photo descriptions matter too.  Look at your listing presentation through a buyer’s eyes – empty room descriptions, empty information and little to go on.  How many bedrooms on the first floor??? Can I fit a queen / king size bed in the master, is the photo marked BDROM on the first or second floor?  Please take extra time to market your new listing knowing that buyers and their agents are leery of venturing out to browse, but rather going only when they think it’s a great fit.  Out of the new listings entered this week, 12 had nothing for rooms (not what rooms a home has, what level they were on, or a description or dimension for the room). There were 6 that were entered with the level and remarks (decent!), and only 7 with full details and 7 with some info but missing a lot as well.  Not so hot for the seller’s trying to persuade buyers to buy virtually.

Also note that your photo description is the file name until you change it, so can we suggest changing “IMG50775” to “Lovely eat-in kitchen on the south side of the home”.  That kind of effort pays off!