Health Questionnaire 4 Best Practices

Some sellers are requiring buyers (and potentially buyer agents) to sign a health questionnaire before property showings are granted.  A few tips to help make this process easier and have less liability:  (1) Upload the form to your documents and/or make sure the listing broker has a copy in advance.  That way, the buyer/agent can make an informed decision and understand the scope of the questions asked and not be pressured at the door to sign. (2) Please make sure the form is consistent with the latest Governor’s mandates and approved by your BROKER (talk to your broker, example form from the RE Board in NY might be used as a reference) (3) Make sure you are consistently requiring the same information from all buyers to avoid claims of discrimination (4) If you plan to deny someone access to a property based on the answers to the questions, you MUST make sure to seek your broker’s counsel so he/she may use the services of the MAR Legal Hotline.  Refusal of access to a property can stray very easily into discrimination, especially if dealing with a health disability. Extreme caution is urged in all cases, and make sure you have a conversation with your seller about the potential impacts of any requirements.  Be safe out there!