No Agent Info in Public Fields!

No agent contact information entered into public fields. We’ve seen the increase of Firm Name, Agent Name or Phone / Email contact information in public fields.  This includes photos (lawn signs!), public remarks or directions on a listing.  We have added a constraint that will put an alert up if a phone number is entered in the MLS and have asked the programmers at flex to prohibit email addresses, but currently, this is a self-policing policy.  If you see something, please hit the report violation button. An anonymous message will go out to the agent and broker and the MLS will receive a notice (with your name). If it’s not fixed immediately,  we will remove the comment and notify the listing agent and broker of the policy. The MLS Board is also considering creating a policy to address repeated infractions.

Thank you for your assistance!  As always, if you have questions please feel free to contact any member of staff for assistance.