From the Desk of Linda: Be Mindful of Dates!

With the market being so busy, comes the time for our annual reminder about submission policies and dates. Linda has been making numerous corrections in the last month or more to listing dates as entered into the MLS. Remember, the listing date reflects the date that the SELLER signed the Exclusive Right to Sell Contract (not the date the broker signed it, nor the date you’re doing the data entry!)

We understand that you may be in a time crunch but bad data causes delays, makes the MLS less effective and can result in fines. In general, remember too that data syndicates to sites like, Zillow and company sites every 15 minutes. Your listing should be as complete as possible (all photos added, all remarks polished, etc.) when it goes live in the MLS for the most effective marketing. Consumers scan those new listings quicker than you may think!