Four New Mass. Forms Coming!

The MAR Forms Content Advisory Committee has recently approved the addition of four new forms to the MassForms™ Library, available on a number of platforms (Ziplogix, Dotloop, Forms Simplicity, Instanet Forms and soon on Remine).  Each platform has a different process for updates to the library, so these new forms may appear go live at different times.

Seller Instructions Regarding Buyer Letters & Fair Housing Considerations Regarding Buyer Letters
MAR developed these two forms to help REALTORS® navigate conversations with buyers and sellers regarding personal letters from buyers. Each form serves to educate the client regarding the Fair Housing concerns related to the use of these letters.

  • The Seller Instructions Regarding Buyer Letters provides a streamlined approach for the seller to instruct their REALTOR® to not present personal letters from buyers.
  • The Fair Housing Considerations Regarding Buyer Letters allows a brokerage to provide notice to their buyer clients that they will not participate in the drafting or passing of personal letters from buyers.

Waiver of Inspection Rights Addendum
This form serves to remind buyers of their right to condition their offer upon a home inspection, and that in waiving this contingency, conditions may exist with the property which would have likely been revealed by a home inspection. Further, by signing the Waiver of Inspection Rights Addendum, the buyer acknowledges that they assume this risk and waive any claims against the Broker associated with the waiver.

Sight Unseen Addendum
This Addendum may be used in situations where a buyer chooses to submit an offer on a property without having physically seen the property. The Sight Unseen Addendum advises buyers that there may be aspects of the property that are different from what was expected, and which may have been revealed by viewing the property in person. This Addendum also releases the buyer’s broker, the listing broker, and the seller from any claims arising out of conditions that would have been apparent through an in person viewing of the property.

Please Note: Questions related to these updates, or about any of MAR’s forms, may be sent to Catherine Taylor,