Flexmls: View Listing Photos Based on Category

Available Now on Flexmls Desktop and Mobile Website

You now have the ability to view listing photos based on their category (ex: kitchen, bath, bedrooms) on the Flexmls desktop and mobile website (m.flexmls.com) making this feature available there, in addition to where it is already available, the Flexmls Pro Agent App (iOS and Android). These new photo tags allow you to sort through data faster making it easy to see the photos you want!

To provide a more personalized experience, when you view listings photos in full-screen gallery mode, you can easily select a category from the ribbon and view only photos in that specific category. The number of photos available for each category will be displayed next to the category name and if a particular category doesn’t have any photos, it won’t be shown. Photo categories are determined using third-party photo AI.

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