Flex MLS software

Flexmls Upgrade: Contact Management Changes Coming August 3rd

On August 3, Flexmls will update the design of the contact information screens in Contact Management. This change is part of an ongoing initiative to modernize the look and feel of Contact Management to make it easier to use. The first change to the Contact Management page was released in June, updating the way the contact list appeared (click here for more information). This update changes the display when viewing a contact’s detailed information; it will not change existing functionality. Future updates will include additional design changes as well as enhancing functionality with new features.

To view a contact’s information go to Contact Management and select a contact.

The new contact information screen displays the contact’s name at the top of the screen and provides the same options you currently have. The first option is now called Contact Details.

The menu options are responsive to your screen size. On a wide screen, all of the options may display, but on a smaller screen you will see a More option. Clicking More opens a drop down with the other available menu options.

The options to Edit, Remove, Deactivate, and Transfer the contact are at the bottom of the screen and are accessible regardless of which information tab you are currently on. If you don’t see these options, scroll to the bottom of the screen to access them.

To exit the contact’s information screen, click Close.