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Flexmls Update: Email Deliverability Issues Occurring with Hotmail & Outlook

We’re aware of an issue that has been negatively impacting deliverability of Flexmls emails to recipients using outlook.com and hotmail.com addresses.  Flex is working to resolve it as soon as possible.  This issue has been ongoing over the past two weeks, and is resulting in emails being delayed or not delivered at all.

While some emails are being received on time, many are being delayed or blocked due to a rate limit on Microsoft’s email servers.  Because Flex strives to send emails as quickly as possible when listings match a search or when you manually send listings to a client, it is not viable for them to delay the emails you send to work around the rate limit issue.

If you or your clients are receiving listing emails at addresses that end in either outlook.com or hotmail.com, you may wish to use an alternate address.  Alternatively, you can generate listing links within Flexmls and manually send emails from your own email system rather than Flex to get around this issue.  On the Flexmls email page (screenshot below), change the drop-down option to either “My email application” or “Just give me the link” depending on the email configuration on your computer.

Flex is actively working with both their email service provider as well as Microsoft on this issue and hope to have a resolution soon.  Further updates will be available on their Forum and may be accessed via the link below.

We will also keep you up to date through your Dashboard on Flex and in our Recap posts.