Flex MLS software

Flexmls Quick Tip: Opening Multiple Tabs

Did you know, if you’re in the midst of adding a new listing, doing a search, reviewing the hotsheet, etc. and need to look up something else (i.e., get a call from a perspective buyer and want to look up a listing), you can do that without closing out the process you’re in the middle of?  You can open up the new function in a different tab, and then can switch back and forth between the two.  You can open up as many tabs as you want, without logging in and out of the program, or closing out of the work you’re already doing!

Let’s say you’re adding a listing, and need to look at the hotsheet.  Simply point to (without clicking) the link to the hotsheet, right click your mouse, and select open in new tab:

And, viola!  You can view the hotsheet in a different tab on your browser without loosing your current work!