FlexMLS Password Changes

In an effort to improve security, the process for resetting your password from the login screen will be more intuitive and user-friendly. Additionally, the minimum requirements for your Flexmls password are getting stronger. When you set a new password, it will require a minimum of 6 characters (containing at least one character and one number) and you will no longer be limited to using only 8 characters.

Beginning on November 29, these changes will be enforced when changing your password.

Note: You will not be forced to change your password on November 29, and you can continue to use your current password, even if it does not meet the new minimum strength requirements. You will only be required to use a password that meets the minimum strength requirements when you change your password after November 29.

When you change your password after November 29, the process will follow the steps outlined below in the What Will Change section.

Whether you are changing your password as a result of an MLS requirement to update it every few months or you’ve forgotten your password and are requesting a new one, the new password must be between 6 and 100 characters and contain a minimum of one number and one character.

Password Strength
Passwords must be between 6 and 100 characters and contain a minimum of one number and one character. Additionally, the most commonly used passwords – such as using your login as your password or using words like ‘password’ – are not permitted. Also note, if your MLS currently prevents you from using previously used passwords, that requirement will still be in effect.

When changing your password, you will receive a prompt to meet these requirements if the new password you’ve entered doesn’t meet the minimum strength requirements.

Request a New Password
If you are on the Flexmls login screen and cannot remember your password, click on the Password not working? Click here link.

Enter your username, and click the Reset Password button.

Check your email for a Password Reset Request and click the Update Password link.

Please note the following concerning the Update Password link:

  • When you receive a Password Reset email, changing your password is NOT REQUIRED. Your current password will still work and you can safely ignore the email if you’d like.
  • The link in the Password Reset email is valid for 24 hours.
  • If you request multiple password resets, any one of the emailed links will work (or you can ignore them and choose to keep using your current password).

Enter and confirm a new password. Please note that when you enter a new password, the system will prompt you to ensure that it meets the minimum strength requirements. Click Update Password to complete the process.

Update Password from Inside Flexmls
The process to update your password while you’re currently logged into Flexmls will not change. Use the Menu to go to My Profile , click on Security, and select Change Password. Enter your current password, then enter a new password that meets the minimum security requirements.

Increasing the strength requirements for your password makes your account more secure, while streamlining the process for requesting a new password offers a better user experience. The new process eliminates the need to use a temporary password, and when you receive a Password Reset email, you are not required to change your password and can ignore it if it was sent in error.