Flexmls Gems: It’s the Little Things that Matter!

Sometimes its the little things that matter!  While some updates to Flexmls Web are very noticeable, Flex has also released some subtle change to help make your job easier.  Some recent gems include changes to the default setting for address searching, and a better error message when adding photos that are too large.

When will it Change?  These changes are available now!

What Changed?
Address Search – Street Name Defaulted to Contains
When you use Address Search, the default option for Street Name is now Contains.  This means that if you enter a partial street name, the search will find any street that contains the text you’ve entered.  Just as before, you can change the option from Contains to Begins With or Ends With.

Photos – Better Error Message if the Photo is Too Large
If you add photos that are larger than 15MB, the error message now tells you the file name for the photo that was too large.  The message remains on the screen until you click to dismiss it.