Flex MLS software

FlexMLS: Easier Access to Videos and Virtual Tours

With the increased use of virutal tours and videos to show homes, Flex annonces a refreshed medial gallery where videos and virtual tours are built right in to all Flexmls platforms.

When Will it Change?  The rollout of this enchancement began on July 14th and will conclude on October 21st.

Who Does this Benefit?  For agents, this change increases exposure for videos and virtual tours on listings.

What Will Change?  Currently, videos and virtual tours are available on the Photos tab in search results, but they can be difficult to locate or notice.  Extra clicks are required to view videos or virutla tours.  With this change, videos and virtual tours are displayed inline with photos in a signle media gallery.  Any videos and virtual tours will be displayed directly after the primary photo in the filmstrip view at the bottom of the page:

Videos will be displayed with a preview image and a ‘play’ icon.  Virtual tours will be displayed with a preview image and a ‘360-dgree view’ icon.

When you click through the gallery on the Photos tab, you’ll be able to play videos and virtual tours by clicking on them.  Videos will typically play in place.  Virtual tours will typically open in a new brower tab.

A similar media gallery will be displayed on listing detail pages in the Flexmls Pro apps for mobile devices and the Flexmls Pro mobile website, Flexmls Portal and the Flexmls app for consumers.

Why is Flex Making this Change?  The combined media gallery makes all types of listing media equally visible to members and their clients.  It also makes the experience of viewing listing media more consistent across devices and platforms.