FLEX Update: Improved Email Delivery

“FBS is pleased to announce that it has taken major steps to improve the reliability of email delivery using flexmls.

Recent email delivery problems often prevented emails to and from specific domains (yahoo.com, sbcglobal.net, etc.) from reaching their intended recipients. With the new changes to flexmls’s email addresses, there should be far fewer email delivery problems. However, since using email is never perfect, problems can still occur. If you still encounter problems with your email reaching its intended recipients, please contact FBS support to report them (support@flexmls.com or 1-888-525-4747).

Some of the previous problems were the result of how flexmls sent emails on your behalf. Flexmls generated emails to look like they were sent directly from you to your recipient, rather than being sent from an MLS system that your recipient did not know and was not likely to trust. To improve functionality, the email addresses used by many flexmls functions have been modified. The final result is that, from an end-user standpoint, emails sent from flexmls will appear in the recipient’s inbox as coming from you via flexmls. Replies to the email will still be sent to the email address that you designated in flexmls.

There are many flexmls functions impacted by these changes: emailed listings, auto emails, account information, notifications, reports, etc. Regardless of the function and the previously used email address, all emails sent from flexmls will now end in flexmls.com.”
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Update from: Josh Hernandez

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